Queen Creek Performing Arts Center

We would like to say thank you to everyone who auditioned.

Our first rehearsal will be Saturday June 27th from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Please bring a water bottle, pencil and folder. Don’t forget your cast fees.

Due to Covid-19 Maricopa County has mandated that masks be worn outside and in
all places where social distancing is not possible. We will require cast and crew members
wear masks while entering the building, anytime we are not exercising and while exiting
the building. It is not recommended that masks be worn while exercising, so we will take masks off when necessary.
Thank you for your support in following these new guidelines.

If you have questions please email Autumn Eggers at paccomconsultant@gmail.com

Descendants Cast
Kyle Atkinson Ben
Lydia Atkinson Belle
Madelynn Atkinson Ensemble
Jaxon Ballingham Ensemble
Abigail Bernard Ensemble
Danielle Cleveland Ensemble
Lexie Critchlow Ensemble
Colette Davis Ensemble
Morgan Glum Audrey
Scott Hagen Carlos
Eric Harding Coach
Preston Hilton Ensemble
Hugh Hocknull Jay
Gregor Hocknull Smitten Kid/Ensemble
JC Hocknull Royal Page/Ensemble
Lynden Jarman Smitten Kid/Ensemble
Kelly Jarman Maurice
Joanne Jarman Grimhilde
Jonathan Johnston Chad
Dwight Jordan Beast
Gracie Jordan Evie
Savannah Jordan Ensemble
Bear Jordan Doug
Gunnar Jordan Ensemble
Kesseli Layton Ensemble
Landon Layton Royal Guard/Ensemble
Wesley Layton Royal Guard/Ensemble
Tapanga Ludlow Mal
Raquel Murrietta Ensemble
Amber Grace Ogimoto Ensemble
Sydney Pickett Jane/Mal Understudy
Aubrey Puzder Ensemble
Lesia Rasmussen Ensemble
Lynnette Rasmussen Fairy Godmother
Cammie Roberts Ensemble
Carter Robinson Aaron
Zion Schneider Ensemble/Evie Understudy
Kailyn Scott Ensemble
Cedar Shirley Snow White/Ensemble
Laurie Smith Cruella De Vil
Bo Smith Ensemble
Katy Smith Ensemble
Asher Talamantes Ensemble
Jordan Tyler Ensemble
Olivia Vella Female Dance Captain/Ensemble
Joey Vella Male Dance Captain/Ensemble
Kyle Walker Jafar
Kendall Walker Ensemble
Isabella Walker Ensemble
Jeni Wertzberger Maleficent
Chelsey Wood Ensemble

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