Queen Creek Performing Arts Center
Disney’s Frozen Jr.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! Our first rehearsal will be Tuesday November 17th.*
Masks must be worn to every rehearsal. Please bring a water bottle and pencil.

Rehearsal Schedule
Tues. Nov. 17th, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Leads Only (Named Characters)
Wed. Nov. 18th, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Townspeople
Thurs. Nov. 19th, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Townspeople
Sat. Nov. 21st, 10:30 – 12:00 p.m. Hidden Folk & Leads (Named Characters)
*If you are in 101 Dalmatians, those rehearsals take priority. Please refer to practice videos on the facebook page to get caught up.

Frozen Jr. Cast
Aaron McCaskill Olaf
Ally Watson Hidden Folk
Arianna Peterson Young Anna/Hidden Folk
Asher Talamantes King Agnarr/Townsperson
Aubree Rosenbaum Hidden Folk
Bear Jordan Kristoff
Brandon Peterson Bishop/Townsperson
Cammie Roberts Elsa
Cassidy Wilson Middle Elsa/Townsperson
Celeste Hathcock Head Mistress
Chloe Beall Townsperson #2
Chloe Kowalchuk Hidden Folk
Cruz Wilcox Townsperson
Dasha Breeden Hidden Folk
David Rosenbaum Sven
Deklen Schneider Townsperson #3
Elyza Kaakoush Stewardess
Emily Peterson Townsperson
Emma Holmes Townsperson
Evin Bright Townsperson
Gavin Palmer Townsperson
Greyson Schneider Townsperson
Gunnar Jordan Townsperson
Isabella Walker Cook
Jessica Seim Hidden Folk
Joey Vella Pabbie
Joseph Candelaria Townsperson
Julia Thompson Hidden Folk
Kailey Fisk Hidden Folk
Kaylynn Rogers Hidden Folk
Kendall Walker Handmaiden
Kyle Atkinson Hans
Lacey Allen House Keeper
Lexie Critchlow Middle Anna/Snow Chorus
Lilah Suniga Young Elsa/Hidden Folk
Lilly Hatch Hidden Folk
Lynden Jarman Weselton/Townsperson
Mackenzie Miller Townsperson
Maddie Atkinson Queen Iduna/Snow Chorus
Madison Miller Townsperson
Maile Pratt Townsperson
Mia Garfield Hidden Folk
Morgan Roberts Dannie Oaken/Townsperson
Nathan Esposito Guard
Olivia Vella Anna
Parker Larson Townsperson #1
Rose Olsen Townsperson
Samantha DeWilde Annie Oaken/Townsperson
Savannah Jordan Oaken
Skylar Mellan Hidden Folk
Tessa Johnson Hidden Folk
Tyler Bateman Guard
Zach Thompson Townsperson
Zion Schneider Bulda

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