Hello Dolly Cast

We would like to say thank you to everyone who auditioned. Our first rehearsal will be Saturday July 15th from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Please look for a welcome email from QCPAC. If you do not receive this email by Friday June 9th, please reach out to paccomconsultant@gmail.com

Name Role
Abby Williams Ensemble
Alexis Olsen Ensemble
Alison Walker Ensemble
Alyson Ryan Polka Couple/Ensemble
Amy Stallings Ensemble
Anna Tabot Ensemble
Ashley Ziolko Irene Malloy
Bella Walker Ensemble
Caden Marshall Waiter/Ensemble
Caitlyn McKell Ensemble
Cary Brown Cook/Ensemble
Cassidy Wilson Ermengarde
Cedar Shirley Ensemble
Eric Harding Train Engineer/Cook/Policeman
Gregor Hocknull Ambrose Kemper
Haylee Abney Otero Ensemble
Heidi Hagen Ensemble
Jason Abney Rudolph/Band member
Joanne Jarman Ensemble
Kelly Jarman Horace Vandergelder
Kendall Walker Ensemble
Kimberly Atkinson Ensemble
Lexie Critchlow Minnie Fay
Liam Barney Ensemble/Band member
Lori Carter Cook/Ensemble
Lynden Jarman Barnaby Tucker
Lynnette Rasmussen Mrs. Rose/Dolly U.S./Irene U.S.
Megan Wilson Ensemble
Molly Davis Jacobs Dolly Levi
Piper Lorentz Ensemble
Randy Walker Judge
Rebecca Hale Polka Couple/Ensemble
Ron Olsen Court Clerk
Ryder Bahm Ensemble
Sarah Atkinson Ernestina
Scotty Hagen Cornelius Hackl
Seth Giovanetti Waiter Danny/Ensemble
Spencer Hale Waiter/Polka Couple/Band member
Terri Denham Cook/Ensemble
Tina Reynolds Ensemble
William Ryan Waiter/Polka Couple/Band member

Upcoming Audition Dates

(Dates & Times are subject to change)

Lion King Jr.
Ages: 7 – 18
Auditions: August 22nd, 23rd & 24th
Callbacks: August 28th
Show dates: November 16th – 21st

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