Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical Cast

Thank you to all who auditioned. Your smiles and your energy was just infectious!

Our first rehearsal will be Monday July 15th from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. You will receive a welcome email with important information on June 15th.

If you do not receive this email please reach out to Autumn at

Percy Jackson Parker Larson
Annabeth Kerrington Fink
Grover Seth Rosales-Giovanetti
Luke Kamden Tinsley
Sally Jackson Lynnette Rasmussen
Mr. Brunner/Chiron Shawn Breeden
Clarisse Piper Lorentz
Mrs. Dodds Tatum Lorentz
Gabe Ugliano Jarett Poirer
Poseidon Logan Pendleton
Mr. D Liam Barney
Silena Beauregard Cassidy Wilson
Katie Gardner Lyvia Parechanian
The Oracle Kendall Walker
Aunty Em/Medusa Abbey Williams
Ares Michael Halliday
Charon Kayla Rowley
Hades Calissa Rasmussen
Boys Ensemble Eddie Sieling
Boys Ensemble Jared Palmer
Boys Ensemble Joseph Zincke
Boys Ensemble Maximus Nevarez
Boys Ensemble RJ Olsen
Boys Ensemble Ryder Gibson
Girls Ensemble Addisyn Tinsley
Girls Ensemble Alivia Turner
Girls Ensemble Amari Zincke
Girls Ensemble Atlas Gloria
Girls Ensemble Brea Curry
Girls Ensemble Brenlie Schliens
Girls Ensemble Callie Angarone
Girls Ensemble Dasha Breeden
Girls Ensemble Isabelle Pendleton
Girls Ensemble Ivy Brewer
Girls Ensemble Karsyn Farnsworth
Girls Ensemble Khloe Sundaram
Girls Ensemble Lauren Hales
Girls Ensemble Nadya Loraw
Girls Ensemble Raegan Hawks
Girls Ensemble Riley Tubbs
Girls Ensemble Savannah Pendleton

Madagascar Jr. Cast

We want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to audition with us.

Our first rehearsal will be Monday, July 29th. You will receive a welcome email on Friday June 21st.

If you do not receive this email please reach out to Autumn at

Zoe Zookeeper/Server Abby Burleson
Private Annabelle Roberts
Zookeeper/Animal Control/Server Annie Barzee
Zookeeper/Animal Control/Server Aubrey Ruiz
Gloria Hippo Avenly Neal
Passerby/Foosa Avery Bentley
Lee Lemur Avery Eggers
Melman Giraffe Bear Macdonald
Lioness/Lemur Blayke Decker
Zoo Guest/Foosa Branson Spencer
Lioness/Lemur Briella Ostberg
Marty Zebra Britain Roberts
Lemur Brody Gilligan
Zoo Guest/Foosa Brooklyn Richards
Zoo Guest/Foosa Brooks Bentley
Zelda Zookeeper/Server Chelsea Petersen
Lioness/Lemur Clara Hill
Maurice Darren Hart
Mort Deacon Hill
Zoo Guest/Foosa Dixie Petersen
Zookeeper/Police Officer/Server Dorien Looper
Lars Lemur Elliot Eggers
Lioness/Lemur Ellison Lindsey
Lew Lemur Emaree Bentley
Zeke Zookeeper/Server Genevieve Gilpin
Zoo Guest/Foosa Greyson Behrmann
Lemur Gwen Malone
Lemur Hadley Wheeler
Candy Hammernose/Server Haley Malko
Lemur Ivy Wallace
Lemur Jett Palmer
King Julien Kaitlyn Hale
Alex the Lion Kile McKnight
Zoo Guest/Foosa Leader Kimber Klein
Mason Monkey Kimberlee Hale
Camera Man/Newspaper Man/Server Landon Baker
Zoo Guest/Foosa Liberty Richards
Lemur Lincoln Richards
Kowalski Makenzie Roberts
Zeekeeper/Ship’s Captain/Server Mason Palmer
Zoo Guest/Foosa Nathan Prokop
Skipper Palmer Harper
Rico Parker Harris
Zeekeeper/Police Officer/Server Rowen Yarger
Lynn Lemur Rylee Seisinger
Lemur Sadie Darland
Lemur Sawyer Eggers
Old Lady/Foosa Shiloh Braselton
Zoo Guest/Foosa Stephen Flores

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