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Thank you to everyone that auditioned! Please remember - whether you make it or not - if this is your dream or you enjoy theater - don't stop. The QCPAC has over 240 auditionees and we only cast 54 in the main cast and 27 kids - that means a huge number of people didn't get in this show. It is heartbreaking to cut so many talented and wonderful people - but there will be other shows. To the auditionees who made the cast of SHREK, please take full advantage of the journey ahead because many would like to be on your path. I'm a believer!

Congratulations to all that made it.
Our first Shrek rehearsal in Saturday, April 22nd at the QCPAC.

Shrek Cast List

Jacody Bullard  


Danica Hill  


AJ Thompson  


Andy Newman  

Lord Farq.

Brittany Thomas  


Xandra Gunnell  

Gingy, Sugar Plum Fairy and Young Fiona

Madelynn Atkinson  

Young Fiona

Caden Marshall  


Beth Benning  

Wicked Witch

Christian Tarin  

Humpty Dumpty

Isabelle Wisdom  

Elf/3 blind mice

Caitlyn Mckell  

Ugly Duckling/3 blind mice

Janna Hanson  

mama bear/3 blind mice

Tyler Allen  

Papa Bear

Kailyn Scott  

Baby Bear

Jeremy Allen  

Pied Piper

Mandy Clegg  

Fairy Godmother

Noah Lumley  

Big Bad Wolf

Ravyn Bullard  

White Rabbit

Rhett Smith   

Peter Pan

Lydia Atkinson  

Blue Bird/Jill

Kelly Jarman  

Papa Shrek/Greeter

Tina Reynolds  

Mama Shrek

Andrew Nickle  


Montana Ludlow  

Piggy 1

Cedar Shirley  

Piggy 2

Sarah Atkinson  

Piggy 3

Christyn Polk  

Ugly Stepsister

Rhea Johnston  

Ugly StepSister

Amie Ford  


Gabriele Peck  

Prince Charming

Ke'arah Masten  

Little Red Reding Hood

Matt Snell  

Magic Mirror/ensemble

Trey Ervans  

Captain of the Guards

Jason Abney  

Thelonius/Bishop/ Duloc Announcer

Brady Anderson  

Guard (main) Knight

Stephen Smith  

Guard/Knight 1

Jake Brabender  

Guard/knight 2

Kyle Atkinson  

Guard/Knight 3

Duncan Goodman   

Guard/knight 4

Dalin Smith   

Guard/Knight 5

Alyssa Jeffs  

Duloc dancer/mob

Alyssa O'Brien  

Duloc dancer/mob

Autumn Eggers  

Duloc dancer/mob

Lori Carter  

Duloc dancer/mob

Michelle Capriotti  

Duloc dancer/mob

Tapanga Ludlow  

Duloc dancer/mob

Matt Snell  

Magic Mirror/ensemble

Alison Ortega  


Brooklyn Smith  


Joanne Jarman  


Kimberly Atkinson  


Laurie Smith  


Mackenzie Deathrage  


Michelle Brabender  


Savanna Sherwood  


Sylvia Gledhill  


Mother Hubbards Kids   Storybook Preshow and Freak Flag
Brooklyn Yates   Oliva Vella
Christopher Capriotti   Lesia Rasmussen
William Jarmin   Calissa Rasmussen
Joey Vella   Bo Smith
Brianna Jarma   Katy Smith
Dakota Brabender   Katelyn Brabender
Eddie Sieling   Ashalia Velasco
Nikki Moler   Thomas Ortega
Danielle Cleveland   Eli Ortega
Benjamin Allen   Thatcher Gaines
Madeline Cleveland (understudy)   Sawyer Hauk
Sophie Clegg (understudy)   Abagail Bernard
    Lynden Jarman
    Allison Pivonka
    Autumn Chamberlin
    Tyler Snell
    Karena Hoching 
    Jacob Vella

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